I Love You More Than words Could Ever Say
I feel it growing in my heart each and every day
All this Love I feel
Has never felt so real
You give me something no one has Ever given me
It's something You cannot see
Love so strong, and so true
It makes me think of only You
This wonderful feeling You have given me
Makes me want to be with You endlessly

I want to be in your arms each an every day
To feel your warm embrace
It makes me feel so safe from harm
Plus, I Love to touch your face
I Love to look into your eyes
To look through your disguise
To feel your warm hands within mine
As our fingers gently become entwined

Your kisses so soft and sweet
It makes me crave a thousand More
I wonder how your heart keeps a steady beat,
Because mine just soars

I Love the way You let me know
How much You Love me so
I Love how much You care
The Love You show to me is beyond compare,
I Love the way You smile
That compliments your sexy style
My eyes are kept on You all the while

I Love to hear You Say "okay"
You Say it at least once a day
I Love the way You apologize
Because it always makes me realize
That what You did, was done unintentionally,
And that You still Love me
Even though I'm strange
You don't want me to change
You Say that I'm just right
Especially when we're about to fight

I hate to see You mad
I hate to see You sad
It makes me feel so bad
What You feel, I feel
That's because our Love is real
I hate to see You cry
To always have to wonder why?
I'm sorry I sometimes do the things I do
That always make You feel blue
I'm sorry if I hurt You so
My anger is sometimes hard to control

I don't like when You feel insecure
Don't worry so much, because I'm sure
That no one can Ever take your place
Because I Love not only your handsome face,
I also Love the real You inside
There's no way I Could have let You pass me by

Love is A Lonely Place Without You

I know I'm not alone
I should not be afraid
Because I hear your voice
And I know you're there beside me
And so I give my heart
I live to love again
But I can't let go of the way I feel about you

Love is a lonely place without you , I miss you
And you’re almost here and I'm almost touching you
Love is a place I have to hide away
I will never love this way again
If love was ever true
I know it was with you

Because you touched my soul
And you will stay with me forever
No tears no sad goodbyes
There are no reasons why
But I'm holding on
I believe in love eternal
Though I'm moving on
I'm still holding on Translation The poem

ترجمة الخاطرة (القصيدة)
الحب مكان وحيد بدونك
أعرف ليس لوحده
أنا لا يجب أن أكون خائف
لأني أسمع صوتك
وأنا أعرف أنك هنا بجانبي
ولذا أعطي قلبي
أنا حي للمحبَة ثانية
لكني لا أستطيع تركك وترك الطريقة التي تشعرني بك

الحب مكان وحيد بدونك
وأنت تقريبا هنا وأمسك بك
أعرف ان الحب الحقيقي كان معك
لأنك لمست روحي
وأنت ستبقى معي للأبد
لا دموع ولا وداع حزين
ليس هناك أسباب تسألني لماذا كل هذا الحب
لكن أصمد
آمن بالحب الأبدي
مع ذلك أنتقل
مازلت أصمد